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All of the carts on this page are currently available for sale.  As they are sold, this page is updated as soon as possible and sold carts removed.  View more photos and details and shop at
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#18071 : $895 Posted 7/6/2018

This cart has the teardrop wheel style with the Lineberry name cast into the iron, and the part numbers cast into the corner hardware. The top deck is all original Oak, and it shows the history of its time in factory work. The scrapes and scratches down its length add a depth not found in the prolific reproduction versions. The Early American stain brings out the natural Oak color with a touch of warmth. Adding to the character of the surface is the depth and range of grain patterns, from straight to waves to even a quarter-sawn tiger oak appearance. The stencil has faded into the wood, but can still be read. The hardware has been polished to bring out its aged patina. This wood top of this cart measures 27 inches wide by 48 inches long, and stands 16 inches tall. 


#18072 : $895 Posted 7/6/2018

A very special cart calls for a special stencil: this is our very own brand. This is also the ONLY time we put a new stencil on an old cart - we never fake it, only have fun with it! This golden blond top wood deck is the original Oak in its natural color, simply sealed with a clear protectant. The original grain, knots, and color variations are enhanced by the remnants of paint from the factory embedded in the nooks and crannies of the wood, outlining whatever piece of furniture was being crafted. The rich dark color of the cast iron hardware is polished to a shine. The large part numbers stand out proud. The wood top measures 27 inches wide by 48 inches long, and stands 16 inches tall.


#18073 : $1295 Posted 7/5/2018

This table has so many amazing details, I’m not sure I can fit them all in this description. The Daisy style wheels, sometimes called tulip, floral, or fleur-de-lis, are quite scarce, as are the ESP corner brackets, so named for their part number, cast in relief. These brackets project lengthwise down the cart, unlike the standard square brackets, giving the cart a lengthened appearance. The iron has darkened to a deep black over the decades from factory work, giving it an air of a long history. The dark, chocolatey chestnut color of the original top accentuates the unusually wide boards - they don’t make trees like this anymore. The faded stencil on the side is original - reading DML Inc. Lineberry Div. The wood top measures 27 inches wide by 48 inches long, and the cart stands 15 inches tall. The corner brackets add another 6 inches to the overall length of the cart.


#F17101: $1095 Posted 10/16/2017

Here is a Lineberry cart with a rich golden Red Oak finish. The boards on the top deck were softened to remove the rough edges. The stencil is original to the cart, though quite faded. The cast iron hardware has been painted with a deep satin black, which makes the large part numbers on the side brackets stand out, and the depth of detail in the side Daisy wheels really shine. A beautiful combination of rough rustic and sophisticated shabby-chic. Dimensions: 27 x 48 x 15 inches.


#V1743 : $1595 Posted 8/14/2017

This oversize cart measures 30 x 60, for a large, statement-making coffee table. The original wood on the top deck has a range of colors, grains, and textures, which speak to the age and long use of this cart. Perhaps the Oak was repaired many times over during its life in the factory. It was likely a long life - the hardware is heavy and solid, and simple, which suggests it is an early example, the theme of which is carried through with the square nuts that hold it together. The cast iron hardware has been polished and sealed. This cart is extra large - oversize dimensions: 30 x 60 x 16


#17045 : $895 Posted 5/17/2017

Amazing wide boards, a sleek, dappled Oak surface. The antique Oak is original, and so are the color variations in the grain and the scattered traces of tan pigment. The original Lineberry stencil is faint but can be read on both sides of the frame. The cast iron hardware has been polished and sealed, highlighting the pronounced part numbers in relief. One wheel has a large chip, but because the wheels move, it can simply be rotated under the frame to be hidden from sight. Dimensions: 27 x 48 x 16

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