These trees represent the growth of an event in ten year increments. Based on a 300 year old White Oak which grew full and broad in full sunlight.

The smallest sculpture represents a ten-year-old tree primarily sculpted of repurposed steel collected from recycling. Price $3,500.
Approximate dimensions: 8 feet wide x 12 feet tall, approximate weight: 1500 lb

The middle tree represents a 20-year-old White Oak and is also primarily constructed of repurposed steel. It is build in five sections designed to be disassembled to move on public roads. $6,500.
Approximate dimensions: 16 feet wide x 20 feet tall, approximate weight: 3000 lb

The large tree represents a 30-year-old White Oak. It was inspired by a salvaged street light and also includes salvaged fence posts from a local music festival and repurposed steel from recycling. It also represents the transformation of a scale model to an abstract interpretation. It was built in six sections to disassemble for transport. $9,500.
Approximate dimensions: 28x28 feet, approximate weight: 6000 lb

Delivery and installation quotes available.

Three years of custom sculptures made for a local annual music festival in Arrington, Virginia

The trees have been displayed on the grounds of a local music festival each year. see video