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All these unrefurbished carts are as-is, from the factory. Unless noted otherwise, all the carts shown here are in very good condition or better, sturdy and strong, showing plenty of usual wear from age, but no major damage like broken boards or hardware, measuring the standard 27 x 48 x 16.

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#U16106 : $550.
Posted 11/1/2016 More images

#U16108 : $450 SOLD
11/1/2016 More images

#UNC556 : $450 SOLD
Posted 3/19/2015 - More images

#U1419 : $395.
Posted 1/19/14
Unrefurbished cart, Industrial wheels. More images

#U1416 : $550.
Posted 1/19/14
Unrefurbished cart, Industrial wheels. ESP Lineberry cart, with 'Industrial' style wheels. The cast iron corner brackets read ESP, and their direction adds an extra two inches to the full length of the cart. Very nice white oak top. Lineberry cast in the side wheels. Wood top Dimensions: 27 x 48 x 16 More images

#U1412 : $550.
Posted 1/19/14
Unrefurbished cart, hoop wheels. More images


We ship by ODFL freight, and charge the actual cost, which varies depending on where you are located. We work hard to keep the weight to a minimum, while still protecting the cart during shipping. We ship from central Virginia (zip code 22922), and surrounding states can be as low as $150, and shipping to the west coast can be $375.

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